Agriculture Business 1

Agric Finance Officer at Sterling Bank Plc

Sterling Bank Plc "Your one-customer bank" is a full service national commercial bank in Nigeria. In over 50 years of operations, Sterling Bank (formerly...
Agriculture Business 2

Ogun State Government Recruitment for Consultants (Verification for Agriculture Clusters, Roads)

The Ogun State Government is requesting assistance from the World Bank to fund the Ogun State Economic Transformation Program (OGSTEP) through an Investment Project...

Agriculture Business 3

Agricultural Extension Service Officer at Food For All International (FFAI)

Food For All International (FFAI) - RC 455900 is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that provides developmental approach to sustainable agricultural production and environmental services....
Agriculture Business 4

How local fowl farming can lift rural women

Many rural women who are rearing local chickens as means of livelihood have said the business is impacting positively on their families. Experts say...

Agriculture Business 5

Local Organization in Nigeria, MushinToTheWorld Walk Against Hunger

A Non-For-Profit group/movement based in Lagos Nigeria MushinToTheWorldis organizing what is termed Nigeria’s biggest community awareness project called #WalkAgainstHunger, the project was jointly organized by MushinToTheWorld Foundation and...
iita data-sprint

IITA Kicks off Data Challenge with #datasprint2018

In a bid to increase the level of compliance with the open access policy, IITA has allocated resources to help capture and optimize historical research data...

Christian Aid

Programme Assistant, Livestock at Christian Aid (CA)

Christian Aid (CA) is a UK-based international NGO, partnering with others to end poverty in Africa. At the heart of this vision is the...
Traders of Africa

Agro – Commodities Sourcing OfficerCommodities Sourcing Officer at Traders of Africa...

Traders of Africa (TOFA) is an e-commerce market place focused on driving intra-African trade as well as trade between Africa and the world through...

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Agriculture Business 9

Making Fortune From Okra Farm

Okra is a very popular and nutritious vegetable farmed and consumed by many people across the country, but some Nigerian farmers hardly see okra...
diabetes: wheat flour and cassava flour

Diabetes: Cassava Flour and Wheat Flour

  In recent times there have been claims and counter claims on the health effect or rather consequences of replacing wheat flour with cassava flour...
Agriculture Business 10

Local Tomatoes Wasting As N11.7bn is Spent On Importation Annually

Despite being the second largest producer of tomatoes in Africa after Egypt, with the production capacity of 1.2 million metric tons annually, Nigeria is...
Agriculture Business 11

Why yam is predisposed to rot

THE reported rejection of Nigerian yams exported to the United States and the controversies it generated, is no doubt a national embarrassment, considering the...

Check Out The New Technique Developed by a Farmers To Preserve Tomatoes

Vital Nduwimana hated how many tomatoes he lost every season. For years, his tomatoes started rotting just three or four days after harvest. He...

How to farm onions profitably: pests, diseases, problems and solutions

How to farm onions profitably : Onions and especially onions grown from sets, are usually trouble free. Seed grown onions being directly sown and...


PEARL Farms Develops New Hatching Technology

The Programme of Emerging Agricultural Research Leaders (PEARL) Farm has developed a new hatching technology...

Top 5 dangerous chicken diseases and their recommended remedies.

My mum was a Poultry farmer. She really did all the labor work that comes...

How to minimise milk fat depression

With many milk contracts in both the UK and USA now rewarding farmers for higher...

Red Tractor’s new inspection regime – what you need to know

Red Tractor is increasing the number of unannounced inspections on farms that fall short of...

5 things to consider when choosing your milking liners

The milking machine is one of the few pieces of technology that comes in to...