Are you an agriprenuer or are you hoping to start a successfull agribusiness. This is a summit that you shouldn’t miss. A two day summit covered with knowledge, answers, networks and uneding solutions from the 20 speakers who are key players in the industry.

Many people in Africa have had their rough time with agribusiness punished by common challanges which include:
– Lack of market
– Low quality harvest
– Expensive inputs
– Price flactuations
– Untapped and therefore poorly executed agribusiness options
– Uneffective agribusiness plans
– Exessive agro dependence on natural conditions among other key traditional problems.

This year at the Africa’s Agripreneurs Summit all these problems will be answered by the event speakers over 20 sessions for both days. Speakers who represent the various important chains of agribusiness such as advisory, education production and value chains will take you through 20 sessions of not only starting a successfull agribusiness venture factored by high value and quality produce but also improving your venture and opening you up to export markets.

With the latest statistical reports by United Nations there is no doubt that the rapidly growing population opens mega opportunities for anyone in agribusienss but for one to benefit from these opportunities there are key points to pack in their agribusiness management.

Why you should attend. Key topics that will be addressed.

With 20 sessions across two days be ready to change your mindest and grow your capabilities of scaling your agribusiness venture. Trainings that will help you invest wisely in agribusiness from that day on backed by the following topics:

– Why invest in agribusiness. What is in for you the investor.
– Exciting Business Ideas.
– Tapping into financing networks to help you meet key needs that will scale your agribusiness.
– Tapping into inputs networks and working with the best options.
– Solving market problems by opening up to export markets.
– Expound value addition to prepare you for export market.
– High value and on demand agroproducts business plans and starter budgets.
– Meeting export market standards and the opportunities available for Africa’s agroproducts
– Networks with captains of industry.

Save the dates and reserve your seat to change the performance of your agribusiness for the better. Lots of unique agribusiness ideas to be shared together with their working business plans.

Investment fee: Kshs. 10,000 ($100)
Venue: Louis Leakey Auditorium (Nairobi Museum Hill)
Dates: 16th & 17th August
Contact: +254790281187

Note: Ticket price also caters for meals including breakfast and buffet lunch for both days. All stationery distributed at the event for you to take notes will be at no extra cost.

Note: Reserve your ticket with deposit of Kshs. 2000 and pay the balance in installments later. Book Now.

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