PEARL Farms Develops New Hatching Technology

The Programme of Emerging Agricultural Research Leaders (PEARL) Farm has developed a new hatching technology that reduces the cost of hatching day old chick by about 80 per cent.

Sharing this new discovery, the Hatchery Manager, Mr. Tunji Oyekanmi explained that the technology involves the use of gas, water heater and water to hatch the birds.

According to him, gas supplies energy to the water heater which generates a constant temperature for heat supply while the water provides humidity and the turning system.

The Manager who disclosed that the technology aims at ensuring more stable power usage and a greener use of power for hatching purposes, added that the new technology which was not common to farms in Nigeria, has the capacity of producing 30,000 day old chicks per day with consistent, accurate and regular reading on the incubation panels.

Mr. Oyekanmi said previously, the cost of incubating the eggs using electricity generated through generator was N300,000 per month but with the new technology, the cost has been reduced drastically to about N60,000 only.

The Manager disclosed that the cost could further reduce if the University Management could provide the farm with 12-hour solar inverter, assuring that the farm would on its part do the needful to increase its production to meet demands from states like Nassarawa, Kano, Kaduna, Kwara and Plateau, among others.

Mr. Oyekanmi further informed that the day old chicks are available for sale to all and sundry at a very affordable price at any given time

Corroborating the Manager, a leading Scientists in the Farm and a lecturer in the Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics (ABG) of the University, Dr. Matthew Wheto said that the new technology has no side effect on the incubation of the chicks as its output is 90 percent, which is what is also attainable with normal electricity.

Dr. Wheto invited relevant stakeholders to partner the Farm as part of measures to sustain and improve the country’s livestock industry and ensure food security.

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