My mum was a Poultry farmer. She really did all the labor work that comes with poultry farming and harvested from it. However, various chicken diseases outbreak stroke, leaving her picking up the pieces .With the help of an agro- vet expert, she was able to learn the common chicken diseases and how counter them. While back I paid her a visit upcountry, and she gave me  some insights on how to act and remedy the most common and dangerous chicken diseases.

Infectious Bronchitis

This disease doesn’t have slight mercy when it comes calling because of its tendency to cause ‘massacre’. It is easily identifiable by its capability to make chickens sneezing, snoring, and coughing. It also causes nose and eyes drainage secretion. Bad news is, their laying will cease too.

The prevention cure is quite common – vaccination .its natural treatment is quite simple .Just give them a warm, dry place to recoup. In addition, give them a small spoon of warm herb tea and fed them fresh herbs.

Infectious Coryza

Infectious Coryza has some common symptoms as Infectious Bronchitis but has some different symptoms. The birds’ head and combs will become swollen. Then a discharge will begin to flow from their eyes and noses .They will stop laying leaving them with moisture under their wings.

Best option is to kill your chicken once it contracts this disease because its carrier is for eternity hence risking the rest of the flock. Be sure to discard the body to prevent other animals from this infection. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine to stop this disease.

Fowl Pox

Fowl pox is one of the common chicken disease which has distinctive symptoms. The chickens will develop white spots on their skin, scabby sores on their combs, white ulcers in their mouth or trachea, and their laying stops

This disease has various treatments options. You can feed them soft food and give them a warm and dry place to try to recoup. With adequate care, there is a great chance they can survive this illness. There is also a vaccine on the same.


Botulism doesn’t fell that off from fowl pox but can be easily differentiated. Chickens begin to have tremors which will progress into total body paralysis including their breathing. Their feathers will be easy to pull out and death usually occurs within a few hours.

Its sure treatment is an antitoxin that can be purchased from your local vet but may prove quite expensive. However, if you notice the disease in its early stages, you can mix 1 teaspoon of Epsom salts with 1 small spoon of warm water. Give it to them by dropper once everyday.

Fowl Cholera

Fowl Cholera is a bacterial disease that can be contracted from wild animals or food and water that has been contaminated by this bacteria. The most common symptoms of this diseases is greenish or yellowish diarrhea by your addition, they may struggle while breathing and have a darkened head or wattle.

Sadly, there is no real treatment when it comes to it. Moreover, your birds may still be a carriers of the disease even if they whither the disease. The best action is to a vaccinate them so as to prevent the disease from ever knocking on your door. Finally, get rid of the chickens’ carcasses as a result of this disease.

With this knowledge, you will be able to at least counter the disease before they cause great damage.

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