Improving lives in farming communities around the world – as well as supporting the communities in which Monsanto employees live and work – is important to the Monsanto Fund.

The Monsanto Fund accepts grant proposals for programs outside of the U.S. in the following areas:

  • Providing basic education support designed to improve education in farming communities around the world, including supporting schools, libraries, science centers, farmer training programs and academic programs that enrich or supplement school programs
  • Meeting critical needs in communities by supporting nonprofit organizations that help with things such as food security, sanitation, access to clean water, public safety and various other local needs

To learn more about some examples of the impact Monsanto Fund is making worldwide and the projects we have supported in our international regions, please visit our Global Impact Section.

We accept international applications from organizations to fund projects located in eligible countries during two periods annually. The first period ranges from January 1 – February 29. The second period ranges from July 1 – August 31. Applications to the Monsanto Fund for international regions are by invitation only. If the project you are seeking support for is located in an eligible country please complete the Contact Us form and provide your organization profile and current/past project information. Your local Monsanto Fund representative will be notified and will contact you if they are interested in supporting your project.

Applications open January 1, 2016 – February 29, 2016 

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