Developing countries will experience some of the worst impacts of climate change and given the constraints on the availability of public sector resources, it is generally accepted that significant private sector financing will be required to play a role in addressing many of the challenges of adaptation.

CTI PFAN’s Programme for Financing Climate Change Projects seeks to identify promising projects which have the capability of raising private sector financing while building resilience to climate change. Selected projects will be offered free professional advice on project development and structuring and will be connected with investment through CTI PFAN’s global investment networks. The best projects will also be showcased at an Investor Forum to be held in 2016. The current call for proposals is the second call under this programme, the first round of which was completed in November 2014.


Project Eligibility

CTI PFAN seeks project proposals that are financially and technically viable, environmentally beneficial, socially responsible and which build resilience or reduce vulnerability to climate change. Projects which reduce poverty and/or increase incomes for vulnerable populations are therefore eligible. In this connection for purposes of eligibility projects will need to demonstrate that they

“….help reduce the vulnerability of human and natural systems to the current and future impacts of climate change and climate-related risks, increasing or maintaining adaptive capacity and resilience in the targeted regions and countries through investment for project implementation.”


Eligible projects include proposals by:

・Companies, Individuals or Legal Persons (or consortia thereof)

・Public Private Partnerships

・Entities which are legally structured to redistribute profits


Projects in the following sectors are being targeted for selection:

Agriculture & Agri-business

Water and Sanitation

Forestry, Eco-system Services and Biodiversity

Energy & Access to Energy (Climate Proofing of Energy Generation & Supply)

Urban Development

While we are focusing on these sectors, projects from other sectors will be considered if they demonstrate financing potential


Eligible proposals may include, but are not limited to:

・Greenfield or brownfield and scale-up projects;

・Deployment of an existing climate change technology;

・Commercialization of a new climate change technology;

・Merger, acquisition or joint venture that will add value to an existing business;

・Other innovative proposals and business models focused on climate change that have positive development impacts and result in increasing climate resilience.


Only business opportunities that require total (initial) capital in excess of US$ 500.000 (five hundred thousand US Dollars or currency equivalent) will be considered.


Projects must be able to demonstrate that concerted development activities have already commenced and that an appropriate level of initial development investment (from whatever sources – own funds, outside equity, risk capital investment programmes, early stage grant funding and proof of concept programmes etc) has been mobilised and injected into the project. Projects which have already received support for proof of concept from other early stage development activities and which now need additional finance to implement and scale up will be given preference. Project concepts and ideas and projects which require 100 % financing are not eligible. Applications for pure grant financing will not be considered though the investment proposal may include grant and subsidized financing elements, providing there is also a substantial commercial element.

Closing date: Sunday 24 January 2016

Minimum Investment: USD 500.000 (or currency equivalent)

Applications must be received by Sunday, 24th January 2016 to c[email protected]

Projects must be located in a Sub-Saharan African country with projects from the following regions and countries being prioritised:

East Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda;

Southern Africa: Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe:

West Africa: Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo;

Any projects that we consider appropriate for support in securing private sector finance may be included in our selection processes.

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The submission of the Application together with the Project Proposal and Project Data Sheet/Application Form must be made by midnight Sunday 24 January 2016 to CTI PFAN Climate Change Adaptation Coordinator, [email protected]

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