There is opportunity for farmers to participate in the Federal Govt. National Home Grown School Feeding programme; it’s a guarantee avenue to sell farm produce. One of the aims of NHGSFP is to stimulate local agricultural production.


  • For farmers to participate in NHGSFP, they’re required to register at State Ministry of Agric as cooperatives to supply the produce on the menu of the program
  • Individuals can also participate in NHGSFP as aggregator by show the ability/plan to mop up local farmer products even during breaks & oversupply periods
  • As a farmer/aggregator, you can facilitate linkage of local farmers to the NHGSFP through a guaranteed contract out-grower scheme in each participating state.
  • You can also participate in NHGSFP by recommending & liaising with scheme managers to monitor & guide local farmers to produce to NHGSFP specifications
  • As an aggregator, you can provide finance to co-fund the distribution & collection centres with cold-chain logistics with NHGSFP participating state.


How Farmers/Non Farmers Can Participate In Nigeria Homegrown School Feeding Programme 1

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