To participate in NEGPRO (National Egg Production Scheme) as a national producer/supplier, the following criteria must be met:

  • Prospective producers/suppliers must be an indigenous company with a track record of expertise in the poultry sector for a minimum of 15 years
  • Prospective producers/suppliers must agree to comply with relevant standards and specifications as spelt out by the scheme technical committee
  • Prospective producers/suppliers must agree to comply with inputs prices and costing as specified by the scheme technical committee

Prospective NEGPRO producers/suppliers shall be selected in the following areas:

  1. Pullet Day Old Chicks (DOC)
  2. Feed Production
  3. Drugs and Vaccines
  4. Cages and Housing


Pullet Day Old Chicks

A national input producer/suppliers would be selected to produce and supply pullet Day old Chicks nationwide to state entrepreneurs. Selected producer/supplier must be a company with high pedigree and track record in Day old Chicks (DOC) supply and production.


Feed Production

  • Six national feed producers will be selected; one from each of the six geo-political zones in the country
  • The selected six national feed producers/suppliers will produce and supply feed to states entrepreneurs in the respective geo-political zone
  • The selected six national feed producers must agree to use the feed formulation as approved by the scheme technical committee


Drugs and Vaccines

A national supplier for drugs and vaccines would be selected. The company must possess excellent track record and network in the production and distribution of drugs and vaccines.


Cages and Housing

  • Suppliers would be selected to supply cages and housing to prospective state entrepreneurs and farmers requiring cages and housing
  • Cages and Housing must be in line with the scheme technical committee bearing in mind the temperature variation across different parts of the country.

NOTE: The NEGPRO National producers/suppliers are eligible to access fund from the 25 billion Naira set aside for the scheme under the management of Bank of Industry (BOI).

Interested suppliers/producers are to send a letter of intent by registered mail to the Consultant/Scheme Manager at the address below:


Tuns Farms Nigeria Limited
KM 9 Ikirun road Osogbo,
Osun state.
P.O Box 720
Attention General Manager

Agribusiness Information