As a NEGPRO (National Egg Production Scheme) Farmers, you are required to meet the following basic criteria for participation in the scheme:

  • Prospective farmers must belong to a registered cooperative society/group.
  • Such society/groups shall be required to recommend to the state entrepreneurs as well as serve as guarantor to the farmer for participation in the scheme
  • Farmers shall apply for participation through a cooperative society registered with the state ministry/department of cooperative.
  • Farmers must set up appropriate facilities as specified by the Scheme Technical Committee with capacity to stock a minimum of 2,000 birds with corresponding equipment’s (feeders and drinkers) required.
  • Farmers shall take delivery of inputs (day old chicks, feed, drugs and vaccine) and agree to raise birds following relevant national standard
  • Farmers shall agree to comply with technical advice as provided by the Scheme Technical committee on the management of the birds.
  • Farmers must agree to return all output (eggs, spent birds) from their individual farms to the State Entrepreneur.

How to Participate

NEGPRO is open to all Nigerian citizens. To participate in the scheme, interested farmers should:

  1. Become a member of any government approved Farmer’s Cooperative Society/Association in his state of residence
  2. Locate NEGPRO office in his state and obtain the NEGPRO FARMER Form through the Farmer’s Cooperative Society/Association in the state.
  3. Fill and submit form and set up structure
  4. Get approval and accreditation for the farm
  5. Collect DOC and feeds inputs from government approved NEGPRO Entrepreneur
  6. Start managing the layer farm

For Application form, click here

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