Nairobi kids miss out on some of the experiences their rural peers might have, namely farming. At least most of them would love to have the taste of these experiences. If you’re  a parent to these kids and you wish to venture into chicken keeping business then you should get accustomed to some facts. At the beginning of your chicken-keeping journey, or if you’re still thinking about jumping into that business and you’re in Nairobi, here are seven things you might not know about raising city chickens:

1. You will have to become a master of chicken waste

Chickens have only one way out, the vent, so all the good and all the bad your chickens have to offer comes from the same place. In small urban spaces, managing manure is incredibly important. A flock of five hens release waste as much as a medium-sized dog, expect their waste everywhere and with abandon. So you better be prepared.

2. A flock doesn’t need a rooster to lay eggs

Hens will ovulate whether there’s a rooster partner or not. Unless you want chicks, you don’t need a rooster. Roosters are much noisier than hens, so for the consideration of your neighbors in close proximity, raising roosters isn’t usually a good idea.

3. Each neighborhood dog is a potential predator with unpredictable instincts

While chickens are descendants of fowls, they’re domesticated and rely on you for protection from all kinds of predators. Wild animals are only one consideration when guarding against attacks. Even your own dog’s prey instinct can be unpredictable, no matter how sweet it is with your family. Do take flock protection seriously.

4. Keeping a small flock is a low maintenance hobby but also a real commitment

Beyond nutritious feed, clean water and basic cleanliness, chickens don’t need much. If they must be confined, they enjoy some indulgence in natural behaviors, like foraging and dust bathing. Chickens can live up to 10 years, and sometimes even longer, especially if you care for them well. Don’t get them if you can’t commit.

Nairobi is a city and its hard to to venture into farming. With these facts,you will at least have some pointers before venturing into farming -poultry.

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