Zaharadeen Hussaini Matazu is a graduate of Local Government and Development Studies from the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Kaduna state. He found a space in the agriculture business and started his ’Halicks Nigeria Limited’. He shares his experiences and challenges in this interview with YOUTHVILLE.


Agriculture is said to be despised by our youth. Why did you choose it?

I will say it is both meticulous planning and fate that brought me into agriculture. Before I graduated, I thought of starting something considering the unemployment situation in Nigeria, and I luckily achieved that. At Halicks Nigeria Ltd, we sell fertilizers and offer consultancy services on agriculture related issues.

Was it the government’s promotion of agriculture that influenced your business decision?

Exactly! If you observe, you’ll see that things are changing especially here in the North where everybody seem to have been reinvigorated when it comes to farming.

This government has shown that it is serious about the sector considering measures and structures that have been put in place so far and others yet to come. This made me and many others to join the business because more people are going back to farm and they will need more fertilisers and consultancy services.

Do you have any regret on your choice of business?

I don’t have any regret at all. I’m enjoying every moment of the journey so far and in sha Allah, things will get better with time as one gets more experience as time goes by.

What would you say to other youth on this business?

My advice is that, they must be disciplined because without that one wouldn’t go anywhere not only in this line of business but any other one. They should not also wait for a huge capital before starting off.

They can start with as little as possible and with efforts and meticulous planning and strategizing, they will reach the top. In essence, capital can be small but with the right spirit and determination, one can go very far.

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