The Taylor Odeje Foundation, has raised alarm over increase importation of dangerous food contents into the country.The founder of the organisation, Chef Taylor Odeje raised the alarm that the nation is enriching and helping other countries’ economy to grow by allowing exportation of jobs and free flow of unwholesome food products into the country.

Odeje said this has led to an increase in disease burden on Nigerians and called on government to ban importation of such items, while advising them to look inwards to grow and develop organic food that could helps people remain healthy.

The founder who argued that Nigerian dishes and food are actually appreciated by foreigners, urged citizens to embrace their own food and showcase it to the world.“Non Nigerians that have tried Nigerian food found it interesting and have really enjoyed it. Nigerian food is actually very good, but we are not saying you shouldn’t have foreign foods, but yours also is really very great. This people are exporting their culture and their food to us, we can also export and do the same.” Odeje stated.

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