Turnerland Manufacturing has developed equipment that allows onion growers to harvest their crops directly from the land with minimum labour.

TL-170-ES Windrower
The Turnerland Windrower (above) is a versatile machine that can handle different onion cultivars. You can either windrow the crop, or lift it directly.

Dry onions can be harvested and packaged direct from the land; damp or wet onions usually require from two to five days to dry out in the windrow.

The gear pump for the hydraulic drive train is powered by the tractor PTO, and the system incorporates an effective cooling radiator to cope with local conditions.

TL-170-CE onion lifter
The TL-170-CE is designed to pick up onions on any terrain. Should the farmer attach a digging shaft, this lifter will also be suitable for potatoes.

TL-170-CE onion lifter

A 1m-wide conveyor transfers the onions to transport vehicles with little or no damage, while the oversized spiral bevel gearbox is designed for a long working life in the most severe conditions.

TL Double Rotating Blade onion topper
Experience has shown the importance of transporting onions to the processing plant with the haulms (heads) still intact. These serve as a natural cushion, ensuring super-class onions.

TL Double Rotating Blade onion topper

The Turnerland TL Double Rotating Blade onion topper can handle onions that arrive from the land with vast amounts of extraneous vegetable matter.

The rod belt in front of the topper removes soil, rocks and stones. The four-blade topper, assisted by a large fan, removes any weeds and vegetation, and delivers between 85% and 95% clean-cut onions.

Spiral cutter
The TL Spiral Cutter is available in 1 400mm and 1 800mm widths. The 40mm-diameter, stainless-steel spiral rotating shafts cut the haulms and tails, while pressing the onions against nylon spring rollers. The haulms and tails are removed with a left-right, right-left action, ensuring a 100% clean-cut onion.

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