Farmers in England are taking effective measures to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the results of a Defra survey show.

The Greenhouse gas mitigation practices – England Farm Practices Survey (FPS) 2018 [PDF]  provides a range of results to show how seriously farmers in England are taking action to improve air quality.

The FPS asks questions about how farming practices are affected by agricultural and environmental issues.

This survey, sent out in February, focused on practices relating to greenhouse gas mitigation, including nutrient management, anaerobic digestion, emissions, fertiliser, manure and slurry spreaders, manure and slurry storage.

Farm health planning and biosecurity, grassland and grazing, livestock feeding regimes and breeding practices, were also covered in the survey

The survey was sent to 6,037 holdings, which were targeted by farm type and size to ensure a representative sample.

The response rate was 40%. The full breakdown of results, by region, farm type and farm size will be available at the end of June 2018.

Earlier this week, Defra secretary Michael Gove said his department would be taking action to tackle ammonia emissions in farming, which accounts for 88% of all emissions.

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