Agro-tourism: Fresh Vista For Investors, Practitioners 1BEFORE now, people have the idea that tourism could only be ascribed to leisure and could seek places in various holiday resorts of the world to refresh. But now, the story is taking a new tilt and with a business orientation that would delight investors and farming practitioners alike.

This business idea that plans to take interested stakeholders in agriculture and the public to agro-tourist destinations in the Middle East, Asia and West Africa, according to Ms Taiwo Olufunke, managing director and promoter, Hadur Travel and Tours Ltd., Lagos intends help people translate their ideas to reality.

The chief executive said the tour is expected to expose participants to practical on-farm learning from experts with the experiences that would help turn farming and agro-ventures around in the country. To achieve this, places like Israel, India and the popular Songhai farms in the ECOWAS sub-region.

She argues that for so long, the nation has been under-investing in agriculture while it has become a market for big players. From these tours, he said our fledgling agribusiness would receive support from the wealth of information in technologically advanced agricultural

“ We need to learn new ways to grow agric business in the country to become a world leader and let our light of agricultural development shine in Africa. Exposure is key to achieving the change needed and we will expose people to the techniques and the brains behind these advancements,” Olufunke said.

She lamented importation of food and youth unemployment, in spite of the nation’s rich agricultural potential to provide food security and jobs.

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