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We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Monitoring & Evaluation Advisor

Minna, Niger

Employer: VSO Nigeria

Duration: 12 Months

Job Purpose

  • To play a key role in the implementation of the Increasing Market Access for the Poor (IMA4P) Project , enabling partners and beneficiary farmers to access greater economic and social benefits through changes in selected value chains; training in monitoring & evaluation, data collection and report writing processes with focus on value chain crops (soybean, maize,).
  • You will contribute to the project objectives as listed below. 

Project Summary   
Improving Market Access for the Poor (IMA4P):

  • Goal: To increase income and income security for the poor through more equitable participation in value chains.

Project Objectives

  • Support poor and marginalized people to access greater economic and social benefits through changes in selected value chains
  • Improve the skills of poor and marginalized people to enable them to participate more fully in selected value chains
  • Strengthen the capacity of VSO, our partners and local institutions to deliver EBD programmes at scale in selected value chains.

The volunteer will have a range of tasks and activities:

  • Train and build the capacity of the partners, the community agriculture extension volunteers (CAEVs) and other project partners on routine data collection and analysis as it relates to the IMA4P project.
  • Train and build the capacity of the partners, the community agriculture extension volunteers (CAEVs) and other project partners on monitoring and evaluation processes for the IMA4P project and other related programmes.
  • Train partners and community volunteers on reporting, sharing success stories and case studies.
  • Explore opportunities to strengthen impact such as: build networks and relationships for partners to link with major strategic organizations (e.g. government agricultural department, INGOs, NGOs,) working in a similar field that may be able to support partner intervention through funding/knowledge sharing/joint working/to address major overarching issues.
  • Analysis of needs assessment reports and developing action plan for interventions on the identified needs
  • Work with partners and all stakeholders to develop monitoring tools for collecting routine data that informs the monitoring and evaluation framework.
  • Fulfill an advocacy role for VSO as and when required
  • Actively participate in the Monitoring and Evaluation of the programme (baseline, periodic monitoring, gathering data, analysis and reporting).
  • Write periodic progress reports as per VSO requirements.

Note: Due to the nature of our volunteer placements, it is possible that the responsibilities of this role may differ in reality and therefore the postholder will need to be prepared to be flexible and adapt to their environment as necessary.

The Key performance indicators

The Key performance indicators of this placement are that:

  • Number of partners and volunteers who have increased skills in data collection and analysis.
  • Number of partners and volunteers who have increased knowledge in monitoring and evaluation and in the use of the M & E tools.
  • Number of partners, volunteers and other beneficiaries who are able to write reports, case studies and success/significant change stories.
  • Evidences of monitoring and evaluation support to project partners and VSO, through reports and feedbacks.
  • Number of linkages along the value chain crops and value chain markets identified as a result of baseline conducted.

Note: Objectives will be confirmed in a three way discussion between the volunteer, employer and VSO in the first three months of the placement.

Personal considerations

In addition to the job description, the following information should be used when considering whether a placement is suitable for you. 

Personal Health Considerations:

  • If you have a significant current or past medical condition and/or you have general concerns about staying healthy as a volunteer, please use this information to assess whether this placement will be suitable for you. All volunteers require medical clearance from a VSO medical adviser before they are able to take up a placement with VSO.
  • Occasionally, VSO may consider that this placement is too great a risk for you in terms of your personal health and you would be advised to consider a different placement. For further guidance about medical assessment and volunteering with a medical condition please see the frequently asked questions on VSO website.

Access to Medical Care and Support:

  • The standard and quality of local medical care and support available at this placement will depend on its location within the country. Health facilities are likely to be more poorly resourced in rural areas in terms of medical expertise, equipment, infrastructure and regular supplies of medication.
  • However, this may not be the case in the capital city or in a larger town, where in some countries there may be a reasonable standard of medical care. The following gives you an indication of where the placement is in relation to the country office and how easy it would be to make the journey if you were ill. 
  • The volunteer will be based in Minna, Niger the State and will have easy access to the medical facilities available in the Capital – this included private clinics and State hospital. The VSO Programme Office is between 3 to 4 hours from Minna by road.
  • There is a private hospital in proximity to the volunteers’ placement and home in Minna, Niger state to enable volunteers to seek medical assistance 24 hours of the day. Mosquito nets are given to volunteers during the In country training. Programme staff will also check the accommodation before volunteer’s arrival to ensure that it meets VSO Nigeria’s minimum standard to prevent malaria attacks. 
  • Aside Malaria, Typhoid is another common ailment that can be contacted, in other to prevent this disease, volunteers are advised to boil and filter their drinking water, wash fruits and vegetables before eating and cooking. There is also a one hour health talk on healthy living during the in country orientation which is facilitated by a medical doctor invited from one of VSO Nigeria’s recommended hospital. Volunteers are also given a comprehensive health manual that provides necessary information on health issues.
  • Good nutrition can be a challenge with available foods. It is advisable to take vitamin tablets.

This Placement:

  • Will either be in  a rural area or small town
  • 5 hours from the capital on mixed roads s by plane.
  • If you wish to discuss your personal circumstances or health concerns in confidence with VSO’s medical team before you apply for this placement please contact [email protected].

Accompanying Partner or Family:

  • If you have a partner or children who are planning to accompany you to your placement, please use this section to assess whether this placement will be suitable for you. 
  • Funding available for this modest therefore limited to direct project expenditure.

Motorcycle Requirements:

  • Motorbike is an essential means of transportation.
  • The volunteer may need to ride as a pillion; he or she should come with a helmet, as this is usually the means of transport in some parts of the community where the volunteer will be working.

Security Information:

  • The Volunteer would be briefed on security issues in Nigeria during the In country orientation upon arrival. This provides tips for volunteers in managing security issues while in Nigeria. A regular update is also provided weekly in a bulletin form to volunteers through e-mail.
  • Nigeria is such a vast country but often reports in newspapers can be distorted of the situation on the ground. Safety is paramount to VSO and volunteers are kept very well informed of any concerns.

Skills and Knowledge

  • Relevant University degree with knowledge of market development and research, project research and evaluation, small-scale enterprise/ rural enterprise development or market development approaches.
  • Experience in project data gathering and planning and review (especially in agriculture)
  • Experience in the use of monitoring and evaluation software and tools
  • Proficiency in the use of Word, Excel, Power Point and/or Microsoft Project
  • Mentoring and coaching; Flexible and adaptable
  • Good, clear communication skills; Good facilitation skills
  • Resourcefulness and ability to solve problems
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Ability to adapt knowledge and experience to Nigeria
  • Ability to support others to adapt ideas to their own context
  • Good understanding of agriculture extension services and value chain


  • Ability to speak Hausa
  • Previous work experience in West Africa would be an added…


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