Owing to the need to continuous engage our teeming members of the Agricultural forum and our over 5000 fans on social media. We required volunteers for online contributors/moderators to help with the running of our platforms and Our developmental initiative is aimed at using practical ICT solutions as a panacea for growth, development and improved productivity in farming and other business along the agricultural value chain.
Our aim is to increase ICT usage in agriculture, by bringing to fore its usefulness in tackling various challenges that is hindering the growth of agriculture,

We are achieving these by setting up viable online platforms that will ensure that farmer and other players along the value chain takes advantage of the cyberspace to improve their productivity and income through information sharing and networking.

We created – currently the largest online community in sub Saharan Africa devoted to agricultural development. The ever growing member of the forum are spread across Africa and beyond with members from Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, India, Egypt, Zambia, Tanzania Uganda etc. actively participating.

With Over 50,000 downloads, our Agricultural Business App for android has one of the highest download in the agriculture niche. Click to Download on Google Play.

To ensure farmers and other agric businesses takes advantage of ICT in agriculture; we are seeking for volunteers across Nigeria and other nations to join our team. This is a unique opportunity to build your profile as an agriculturist.
Duties and responsibilities;

  • Participate actively on the online community at by posting and promoting articles and also mentoring of member on best agricultural practices.
  • Share information on the Agriculture business website
  • Assist farmers and agric business in your location on how they can take advantage of the online platforms by encouraging them to join the online community and list their agricultural business for free on
  • Carry out research on Agricultural trends and opportunities


You will work from your location.


Skills and Requirements
1.   Internet enabled device – Laptops, Tablets, or Smartphones etc.
2.   Adequate knowledge on Agriculture
3.   Passionate about Agriculture
4.   Good Communication skill
5.   Entrepreneurial Skill
6.   Internet and Social Media Savvy
7.   Extensive knowledge beyond agriculture
8.   Persuasive
9.   Innovative problem solver



  • It will raise your profile and CV as an agriculturalist
  • Provides opportunity to promote yourself beyond your immediate environment
  • You also earn commission on any advert you referred.

Procedure for Application
We would love to have you on, to apply join the agricultural community at and forward your profile detailing your Internet prowess to [email protected].

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