Tzedek is a Jewish charitable organization aiming to reduce extreme poverty, currently focusing on grassroots projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. Funding is for projects that aim to raise the income of the participants above the internationally defined poverty level. Most projects include one or more aspects of micro-finance; training for livelihoods or vocations; and agriculture or animal breeding.

Organisations that have no previous international funding may apply for a maximum of £1,500 in their first application.

Here are the documents you will need to complete in order to apply for funding.

You are invited to submit a Letter of Inquiry (there is a three page maximum) but do review the Grant Application Procedure and Criteria documents first to ensure that your project qualifies.

After you have read through and completed the documents above, please submit your letter of inquiry to [email protected]

Please note that these documents are in PDF and will open in a new window. We hope this will make reading offline and printing easier.

Criteria for Tzedek grants to overseas partners

Agribusiness Information