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Established in 2002 in recognition of Professor John L Dillon’s life-long commitment to agricultural research, the John Dillon Fellowship (JDF) supports the professional development of outstanding mid-career agricultural scientists, economists and researchers.  

From 2019, the JDF takes on two forms: 

  1. a professional development program for a group of up to 15 individual fellows, and; 
  2. i-JDF-Pacific, a brand new, innovative institutional program that provides support for the training of up to 15 fellows from a group of institutions in the Pacific region.  

Fellows from ACIAR partner countries, and two from Australia, who are currently taking part in or have recently completed an ACIAR research project, participate in a blended learning experience of industry networking, visits to relevant Australian institutions, and intensive professional training courses. 


A new initiative launched by ACIAR in 2019, the institution-focused John Dillon Fellowship-Pacific program will develop the capacity of ACIAR partner organisations in the Pacific region.   

This fellowship will bring together up to 15 colleagues who are strategically positioned to advance their institution in line with ACIAR’s strategic plan. Like the traditional JDF, fellows will take part in an intensive professional development program that combines training modules with industry visits, networking opportunities and strengthens their Australian linkages.  

The fellowship program is developed in consultation with the fellows’ institution to address organisational needs. The fellowship will ultimately strengthen the regions’ capacity to identify, create, design and implement successful agricultural policies and programs that will tackle the numerous challenges facing local agriculture and food systems.


  • A 4-6 week residential stay in Australia 
  • A 1-week hosting period with an Australian organisation such as an Australian government department, university, or research centre (relevant to the individual JDF only)
  • Formal training in: leadership, media, communications, policy, and research management
  • Structured program of visits to engage with various Australian institutions across the government, public and private sector
  • Exposure to relevant researchers, industry experts and professionals to develop the fellows’ network and Australian linkages


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