The International Wheat Yield Partnership (IWYP) is initiating its Second Competitive Funding Call by inviting creative, forward-looking proposals that seek to discover approaches to substantially increase the genetic yield potential of wheat, as defined by grain yield under the absence of stress. It is anticipated that wheat yield potential can be enhanced by:

– Increasing carbon capture before flowering
– Increasing biomass
– Optimizing harvest index
– Enhancing photosynthetic pathways
– Specific changes in plant architecture
– Modifying phenology, e.g., flowering time
– Hybrid wheat system development
– Root structure and growth
– Faster / alternative breeding methods
– Modeling to define best traits per environment

The topics above are given as an illustrative list for areas of research that are being sought and we will consider other research topics that pertain to genetic yield potential. Proposals that concentrate mainly on plant stresses or agronomic systems will be considered out of scope. The proposed research should be based on Triticeae germplasm or lead to discoveries directly relevant to wheat.

With this initiative IWYP is seeking breakthroughs in genetic yield potential beyond what is expected to occur in ongoing breeding programs. Therefore, new or different approaches and/or novel techniques are envisaged. Research outputs should be clearly defined in terms of specifically timed milestones and quantifiable deliverables. Proposals where outputs are only descriptions of plant processes will be considered out of scope.
The selection process will be two-stage whereby applicants must first submit a Pre-Proposal due by 3 March 2017.

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