The CANSEA scientific platform is a network of research partners keen to implement agro-ecology and conservation agriculture in Southeast Asia. CANSEA announces its second call for proposals to promote and strengthen conservation agriculture in the four CANSEA member countries:  Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam. Grants are up to US$30 thousand.  CANSEA actively encourages co-funding. All recognized institutions in the CANSEA member countries are eligible to apply.

· Activities should concern Cambodia, Laos PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam.

All recognized institutions from the CANSEA member countries are eligible. Projects
involving at least two the CANSEA’s members will be appreciated. Members could
present several proposals in the two coming years.
·  Maximum funding: 30 000 USD, cofounding is actively encouraged.
·  Eligible thematic for proposed activities are listed here below (this list is not limited,
other subject could be proposed and will be examined):
–  Studies on soil fertility management at a large range from the plot to the farm, to
the watershed and the territory;
–  Training (university level / extension staffs and farmers) aimed at CA & AE
dissemination, including demonstration and training sites;
–  Agroecological crop protection;
–  Biomass management;
–  Complementarity between Conservation Agriculture and cattle / ruminant
–  Phyto-genetic resources management and primary production (cover plants and
food crops germplasm conservation and production) in accordance with a
sustainable program;
– Mechanization and technical guidelines adapted to agroecology based cropping
– Indicators of farm and cropping systems’ performance based on bio-physics,
environmental and socioeconomic parameters;
b. How to Apply:
The application should include:
– An executive summary,
– Description of the proposal with i) context, ii) objective, iii) activities description, iv)
partnerships, the proposal should involve different institutions and organisms in
accordance with their field of expertise and objectives of the proposals, v) planning
and duration,
– A detailed budget.
Because one of the overall objective is to enhance exchange and synergies between
stakeholders, proposals presented by several stakeholders, at least two including one
member, will be appreciated. It is definitively important to stimulate joint / synergetic actions.

Proposal should be sent by Email to:
Dr Frank Enjalric: [email protected]
Copy to Philippe Cao Van: [email protected]

The application deadline is October 22, 2016.
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