The switch from box-type seeders to air seeders took place more than 25 years ago. Now Canada’s Clean Seed company has introduced a seeder that solves the problems associated with air-seeders.

A large air seeder can have tubes up to 30m long. This means the time the seed (or fertiliser) takes to reach the coulters can compromise delivery accuracy. On Clean Seed’s CX-6 SMART Seeder, two systems – SeedSync and Cushion Drive Digital Metering – control the process to ensure accurate and reliable metering of all seed and fertiliser.

Both systems work in unison to apply seed or fertiliser at the correct rate to each opener at all times, even when turning corners. The unique variable-rate delivery system applies
up to six different products at a precise rate to each opener independently over the entire span of the drill.

The system is so accurate that it can deliver seed and fertiliser down to a quarter of a square metre across every row of the drill.

The flawless integration of soil maps ensures maximum return on agronomic data and boosts production of every row.

The triple chute opener places the products precisely through any of the three apertures to provide full-time deep band, side band or paired row placement.

The unique design increases the amount of fertiliser placed with each seed; it also inserts the fertiliser deep below the seed, maximising seed safety and seedling development.

The opener has distribution options for immobile nutrients; for example, phosphorous can be placed close to the seed but in a separate band. This is also separate from the rich, deep nitrogen band.

The lead coulter and triple chute opener fracture soil below the furrow, breaking up compaction, increasing soil aeration and improving water filtration. The results are deeper roots, better moisture storage and improved drought tolerance.

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