Nigeria Farmers Group and Cooperative Society (NFG-CS) has built a six-room structure for a primary school in Gaate, a rural community in Nasarawa State.

Mr Redson Tedheke, the National Coordinator of NFG-CS, told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Gaate on Monday that the gesture was part of the corporate social responsibility activities of the group.

He said that the group had also engaged over 250 members of the community, mostly youths, to work in its 2,000-hectare maize farm which was located in the community.

He said that the gesture was in line with the mission of the cooperative group to engage in food production and job creation.

“The NFG-CS is a rural community-based farming initiative, and we have decided to empower the community and make life better for the residents because they are our hosts.

“The single building in the school is getting dilapidated and it is not safe for children to study in such an environment; so we decided to construct a new building for them,” he said.

Besides, Tedheke said that the group was also constructing a “community centre’’, which would serve as an amusement centre, for the villagers.

He stressed that the group had decided to source workers for all its projects from the community so as to empower the residents economically.

“The maize farm and building project have created opportunities for over 250 indigenes of this community, particularly youths and women.

“Apart from the technical inputs by professionals on the farm, every other activity, ranging from crop planting to harvesting, is done by members of the community.

“Some youths have been trained and they work here daily with the farm management, while others are in charge of the security of the farm,” he added.

Mr Gabriel Apeh, the head of labourers in the farm, said that each of the workers received a daily wage of about N1, 500, adding that this had been very helpful to the engaged persons.

He also noted that since the establishment of the farm early this year, trading activities within and outside the community had improved significantly.

He said that supplies of many items and consumables in the farm were handled by local traders, which had also enhanced their economic standing.

The traditional ruler of Gaate, Alhaji Ibrahim Adamu, said that the establishment of the farm in Gaate had boosted economic activities in the community.

He also commended the group for the construction of the block of classrooms and the civic centre.

“This farm has created a lot of jobs for our people and it has also brought hope to us, considering the harsh economic realities in the country.

“The group repaired our road; it also gave our people a functional borehole and many other things.

“I urge the state government to come and assist the group, especially in providing security, so that the organisation can remain in our community for a long time,” said.

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