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A pesticide manufacturing company based in Lagos, Candel, has rewarded 61 farmers across the country with farm tricycles, generating sets and N1 million for returning used bottles of pesticides.

The initiative is in order to dissuade farmers and their families from using pesticides bottles to store water and other consumables, which may be injurious to their health.

During the bottle-returning exercise called clean farm project, the company rewarded farmers with 12 tricycles, 48 generators and one person won N1 million prize at a draw in Lagos.

Speaking with our reporter, the Managing Director of the Candel Company, Emmanuel Kattie, explained that, for every bottle returned, a farmer was given N20, the retailer N10 and the distributor N10. In other words, “For each bottle, we reward people with N40, and some get bigger prices through the raffle draw.”

On why Candel spent so much on returned used bottles, Kattie stated that though the bottle returning exercise cost a lot of money, his company felt the benefits are worth the effort, while further explaining that used bottles usually contained remnants of the pesticides which could be dangerous and harmful to health when reused for other consumable purposes.

“We are contributing to the protection of the environment, education of farmers and giving farmers solutions to provide quality products and improve the yields on their farms.

“The returned bottles are either safely disposed or safely reused,” he said.

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