The business community in Kano State has raised alarm over the recent millet scarcity being experienced in most Kano markets and the skyrocketing of the grain’s price.

A grain merchant at Dawanau grain market, Alhaji Danumma Saye, observed that the scarcity being experienced is as a result of some grains hoarding syndicates that were busy mopping out the grain from the markets.

“Millet has become a hot commodity now, its price keeps increasing by the day as the hoarding syndicates are in every market and they are willing to pay any amount. They did the same with rice and maize last year and they are doing it to millet this year. There are days when you couldn’t even find millet to buy in this market,” narrated Danumma Saye.

However, another grain merchant, Alhaji Umar Musa Hassan, told our reporter that, the scarcity is as a result of the high demand for the grain for export to neighbouring countries, adding that recent discovery has shown that the grain can be used in various aspects which increased the demand for the grain by some countries.

A visit to some grain markets across the state revealed that a bag of 100kg of millet is now sold at N12,500 as against N10,000 last week.

It was gathered that the grain is virtually scarce in all the markets and the possibility of continuous hike in its price is eminent.

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