They’re a healthy alternative to processed dog treats

First, and most importantly from your dog’s point of view, they taste delicious!  Carrots not only provide a significant amount of nutritional benefits, they also taste good to your pets.  They are slightly high in naturally occurring sugars so they’re viewed as a treat of sorts by your animals.  It’s important to mention that in order for your dog to enjoy the nutritional benefits of carrots (which will be discussed below), the carrots must first be slightly cooked or steamed because the wall of cellulose within carrots is not digestible by dogs.

They’re good for their teeth

Chew toys are commonly used  for the sake of  “scraping” pets’ teeth in order to clean them.  Carrots, in regards to their natural texture, could be considered a mini chew toy on steroids in that they are a tasty treat as well as a natural tooth brush.

They’re good for cholesterol 

These treats are good for your animals’ cholesterol due to the low-fat and low-calorie nature of carrots.  If an owner wants to treat their dogs with a “good behavior” snack, carrots are a great choice when trying to limit the amount of high-calorie doggie treats their pets receive.

The Beta-Carotene is good for their eyesight 

Just as the old common adage might suggest, carrots are good for people’s eyesight as well as for dog’s eyesight.  The Beta-Carotene prevalent in carrots in a natural anti-oxidant and a natural eyesight enhancer for your pet.

They’re rich in Vitamin A 

Vitamin A, along with Beta-Carotene, can help your dog’s eyesight, improve their skin, and also foster a healthier and shinier coat.  Vitamin A, as a general rule, is good for the overall health of your pet and is a great immune system booster.  Keep in mind not to overdo allowances of Vitamin A as it could become toxic in extremely large quantities. That being said, it would take a significant amount of carrots to reach that point. So as long as you don’t give your animal an entire bag of cooked or raw carrots, you won’t run into this problem.

They’re a good source of Fiber

Because carrots are naturally high in fiber, they can be a good “regulator” for you pet if he or she is suffering from constipation or loose/irregular stools.  Adding some additional fiber to your pet’s diet can help add consistency to your dog’s “business.”


Remember, treat your dogs to these tasty, healthy snacks in moderation, and unless the purpose of you feeding your dogs carrots is for cleaning their teeth, remember to always slightly cook or steam your carrots so that your animal can reap the nutritional benefits from their goodies!


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