Daily global Agro commodities prices

Get daily Agro commodities prices from the global market, be informed about the daily market changes in crops (soybeans, corn, wheat, wool, cotton, palm oil etc) and livestock in the international market.

5th February 2019

Soybeans 920.59 Bushel (bu.)USD
Wheat 525.78 Bushel (bu.)USD
Corn 379.53 Bushel (bu.)USD
Cotton 72.86 Pounds (lb.)USD
Rice 10.70 Hundredweight (cwt)USD
Cocoa 220.00 Metric tons (Mt)USD
Coffee 105.90 Pounds (lb.)USD
Oats 290.22 Bushel (bu.)USD
Live Cattle 125.63 Pounds (lb.)USD
Palm oil 2,207.00 Metric tonsUSD
Milk 13.94 Hundredweight (cwt)USD
Rubber 187.00 Kilogram (kg)JPY
Sugar 12.93 Pounds (lb.)USD
Tea 2.92 Kilogram (kg)USD
Lumber 423.90 1000 Board feetUSD
Wool 1,934.00 100 KilogramAUD
Lean Hog (Pork) 56.9519 Pounds (lb.)USD
Poultry 4.21 KilogramsUSD
Beef 10.39 KilogramBRL

We pick our prices by 14:00 GMT daily.

* Rubber priced in Japanese Yen (JPY)
* Wool priced in Australian Dollars (AUD)
* Beef priced in Brazilian Real (BRL)

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1 bushel(bu.) = 56 pounds(lb.) = 25.40 kilogram (Kg)
1 pounds(lb.) = 0.45 kilogram(kg)
1 Hundredweight(cwt) = 112 pounds(lb.) = 50.8 Kilogram (Kg)

SOURCE: Trading Economics

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