New FAO Yearbook of fisheries and aquaculture statistics published! 1

The FAO Yearbook of fisheries and aquaculture statistics 2015 has been just officially released. This edition contains the most recent global statistics on capture fishery production, aquaculture production, commodities production and trade, apparent fish consumption derived from food balance sheets as well as statistics on fleets and employment of major producing countries. It is structured into a booklet (containing summary tables, relevant general notes, concepts and classifications, a pull-out map of FAO major fishing areas as well as a brief overview of major trends and issues relating to the individual statistical sets) and a CD-ROM presenting the full yearbook package with all the key information and the complete set of statistical tables.

The Yearbook is one of the tools through which users can access the different statistics collated and disseminated by the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department of FAO. These include:

  1. FishStatJ – Software for fishery statistical time series offering experts and scientists a stand-alone application for complex and sophisticated data exploration and extraction.
  2. Online Query Panels enabling users to extract customized information and reports


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