Nansis, the Survey Information System for logging, editing and analysis of biological and environmental data from marine fisheries research surveys, has undergone a series of improvements since 2006 when the first version for Window was released.
The software and the database which constitute the system are principally used to store and retrieve data for scientific or decision making purposes.
Throughout the years, several updates were made to optimize software stability and performances, based on suggestions provided by the user group of fisheries scientists.
From 27 to 31 October 2014, an early version 1.9 of Nansis was introduced and tested by a number of participants attending the Training of Trainers course on Nansis held at Casablanca, Morocco. The course, organized by the EAF-Nansen project, was to train scientist in the use of Nansis and in the meantime to test it. During the course, participants highlighted strengths and weaknesses of the software providing suggestions on suitable improvements.
Based on feedback received a new series of enhancements was planned and an updated version is now available as public release.
Nansis version 1.9 is meant to be a user-friendly tool with enhanced features. Indeed a wizard process easily lead users through a series of well-defined and simplified steps to successfully finalize the installation.
The version 1.9 of the software was officially released on 17 May 2015, on the occasion of the Norwegian national day, both on the EAF-Nansen project Nansis page and the Institute of Marine Research Website. On the webpages technical details on the software and download are also available.
We always strive to improve the quality and accuracy of Nansis. For this reason we warmly invite you to test version 1.9 of Nansis and provide us with your comments and suggestions at [email protected].
The Nansis software is shipped only with a dummy dataset to be installed. The software is compatible with the database already installed with many users and the datasets received from the surveys with Dr. Fridtjof Nansen, please refer to the help menu on how to import your data. To receive data from the Nansen program to use with the database please contact InĂªs Bernardes at CDCF using the data download form available from the web.


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