International seafood trade, worth over US$128 billion, is an ever-growing industry with major markets, like the European Union, USA and Japan, accounting for over 65% of imports. As global demand for fish products continues to increase to meet population growth and dietary changes, so do market opportunities – especially for exporting countries.

This week’s 10th World Seafood Congress aims to highlight innovation in seafood and provide opportunities for maximum participation by all economies involved in seafood trade – including developing countries.

The World Seafood Congress, co-organized by FAO and UNIDO (the Industrial Development Organization of the United Nations), with the International Association of Fish Inspectors (IAFI) and Marine Institute of Canada, is the global forum to promote such an exchange. This year’s event, Creative Solutions for Global Challenges, will feature sessions on food safety and inspections modernization, seafood sustainability, seafood innovation, profitable seafood markets and global
export and trade.


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