This issue of FAN contains an invited editorial on considerations related to nutrition and aquaculture vision for the future and four main sections on: (1) Global aquaculture updates with an article from statistician’s desk presenting some considerations on collection of aquaculture statistics; one contribution from the fish health specialist on Tilapia Lake Virus (TLV). Three articles on important events particularly, Outcomes of the COFI- Sub-Committee on Fish Trade; Participation of FAO at the World Aquaculture Society 2017; and Conference-Dialogue on Blue Growth. (2) Aquaculture updates by region provides information on ongoing projects, activities and events by region particularly: four articles for Asia-Pacific; two articles for Europe; two articles for the Near East and North Africa; three articles for Latin America and the Caribbean; five articles for Sub-Saharan Africa. (3) There are four thematic articles on the following subjects: (i) Advancing sustainable aquaculture through Blue Growth; (ii) The impact of microplastic on food safety; (iii) Aquaculture in Small Islands Development States; and (iv) Aquaculture growth potential: short-term projection of fish demand. (4) Miscellaneous section contains three articles with the following titles: (i) Updates on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and (ii) Summary of the National Aquaculture Sector Overview of Morocco. The three last sections focus on new staff profiles in the FAO Aquaculture Branch, new FAO aquaculture publications and Calendar of events.

PDF: http://www.fao.org/3/a-i7851e.pdf

Information: V. Crespi Valerio Crespi


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