The Aquaculture Branch of the FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department has published the FAO Aquaculture Newsletter (FAN) 55. FAN is issued two times a year. It presents articles and views from the FAO aquaculture programme and highlights various aspects of aquaculture as seen from the perspective of both headquarters and the regional and subregional offices in the field.

This issue of FAN contains an invited editorial on Feeding Global Aquaculture Growth, and four main sections on:

  1. Global aquaculture updates;
  2. Aquaculture updates by region ;
  3. Four thematic articles on:
    1. Overview of Ornamental Species Aquaculture;
    2. Improving the Technical and Economic Performance of Tilapia Farming under Climate Variation from a Bio-Economic Modelling Perspective;
    3. A Case for Fish to Lead Greater Food Security and Nutrition Outcomes;
    4. The Potential of World Aquaculture Performance Indicators as a Research and Educational Tool.
  4. Miscellaneous section contains three articles with the following titles:
    1. FAO Assists a Group of French Small-Scale Fishermen During a Visit to Orbetello Lagoon, Italy;
    2. The Real Secret of the Templars: Farmed Fish as the Basis for a Long Life;
    3. Arrivederci Jiansan Jia (‘JJ’).

Information: V. Crespi Valerio Crespi


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