The fisheries sector plays a very important role in the Angolan economy, as do agriculture and forestry. Taken together, they are a source of livelihood for about 85 percent of the population. Food security issues remain of paramount concern in the country, as about 80 percent of the country’s food requirements are imported. Given this, increasing domestic fish supply through improved aquaculture – a sector in which the country has tremendous potential – would have far-reaching positive effects on food and nutrition security.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is providing technical support to Angola on the project “Spatial Planning of Aquaculture Zones in the Republic of Angola”. This project aims to facilitate investment and promote an effectively governed aquaculture development sector that is socially inclusive, equitable and environmentally responsible. The Government of Angola has provided USD 200 000 to implement the first phase of the project within the ambit of the Country Programming Framework, which is a tool for the FAO country office’s strategic prioritization and overall medium-term programming.


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