Agribusinessinfo.com is a dedicated web blog for agriculture and it allied business. We believe that conventional online platform give shallow information about the sector, this we believe is seriously hampering investment and public interest in the sector; also most farmers and Agri-business do not have a veritable platform to showcase their product and services through the internet, all these issues have contributed to the declining fortune of Agriculture.

Agribusinessinfo.com will gives deep and insight information about agriculture while providing opportunities for small, medium and large agric enterprises to have an online presence and marketing platform for their business.



  • To provide avenue for government at all level to showcase their rich potential in agriculture to investors and also intimate the world about their stride in developing agriculture.
  • To inform farmers and agro entrepreneur on available local and international fund and grant opportunities.
  • To provide avenue for farmer’s co-op, unions and agricbusiness service providers to showcase their product and service, this will open new business opportunities, which will lead to growth in their businesses.
  • To will provide commodities prices from different Agro market.
  • To provide information on available job opportunities in the Agricultural sector.
  • To provide platform for Interaction, networking and communication between farmers, producers, suppliers, buyers, distributors and other stakeholders in agricultural value chains, which will enhance better coordination and improve efficiency.
  • Connect rural farmers to the global agricultural market.


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